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Tuesday, February 13 2007

Middle East/ The Hezbollah War

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#1 Manu (Homepage) on 2007-02-24 13:56 (Reply)
Interesting article although I don't agree with your analysis on the lebanese responsibility of Hizbullah's acts. It is clear that the Lebanese government neither could counter nor did know about Hizbullah's operation, but do you think that, as you suggested, ignoring it as an international player could solve any problem ? Personnally I don't since this is what has been done concretely for the past fifteen years and it did not prevent the situation from degenerating. A true solution could be to treat the problem from the source : Syria and Iran. This is why I was shocked and became sceptical about Israel's true intentions concerning the operation when I saw an Israeli official state, the first day of the operation that Syria was not going to be targeted. If the goal was to neutralize Hizbullah, Syria should have been the only target.

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