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Thursday, November 10 2005

France/ Ethnic riots and the cost of denial

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#1 Sam on 2008-04-09 05:25 (Reply)
The France you describe isn't real.. not quite anyway. For it is tru that France has the biggest Muslim (mainly Maghreb) population in Europe, the politics of the country itself do not favorise Islam at all.. just look at the veil banning etc.. & as for Judaism? well Nicolas Sarkozy (whose role you downplayed in your text) is Jewish, condems acts of "terrorism" such as any form of Palestinian self-defence. He even proposed recently for every school child in the country to be forced to view "Shoa" in it's entirety, individualy pick a (jewish) child who was a victim there to read about him.. I'll spare you with the details.. the question every non zionist or simply sane person is asking one's self, is why study so specificaly & radically jewish suffering & not say.. African slavery? (wich with no disrespect to the Jewish peoples, represent a bigger chunk of France's population) SECONDLY, you mentionned the french media, & you sounded to me like every pro-zionist I've ever heard complaning how "unfairly portrayed" Israel is.. when in so called"self-defence" (or having 3 army personel kidnapped for the rest of the world), Israel litteraly shells thousands of Palestians 100% indiscriminently, flatening all their habitat (not to mention the everyday bullying of the Israeli-Arab population, building on their land, & spraying their recolts with pestisides) & If you did have the SLIGHTEST knowledge of the french media, you would know it is overwhemingly Jewish orientated, for it is owned by mainly Jews.. such as Bernard Henry Levy, Arthur, Druker.. these fellows who are propriotors of most of the french television channels actively support Israel with money sent for it's military. One concrete example is the case of stand up comedian DIEUDONNE, who went onto Fogiel's famous talk show & seriously provoked Zionism, yet never actualy attacked Jews or Judaism, he was trialed 26 times (if my memorie is right) & won all cases.. he was totaly sensored form French TV, if only to be called an ati-semite & compared to Hitler!! ..even though the presenter of that show (Fogiel) got someone to write in to the show a SMS saying "waht if we laughed about stincking black people??" Fogiel was found guilty in court for it, & that was the last we ever heard from it.. he was allowed to return to his job free ofany kind of guilt, while Dieudonné having been suspected of antisemitism was completely sensored. This goes to demonstrate what really happens on french TV, as opposed to your pro-zionist stance. Before you even try, I'm telling you, I am anti-zionist.. I AM NOT ANTI-JEWISH.. I don't care what anyone's faith is.. but I do agree with the UN when they said that Zionism is racist. I am not Arab, I'm not even particuraly fond of Islam, however I feel the need to defend it in front of misguided people like you. Free palestine, 1

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