Michel Gurfinkiel

Michel Gurfinkiel

Michel Gurfinkiel


The unability to fear – a major impairment.


As the Covid-19 crisis intensifies and gets global, we learn more about human psychology : how easily facts are denied, how difficult it is to anticipate, how often leaders fail to lead once the administrative routine breaks down, how much indiscipline there is among large sectors of the populace (of any populace). Man’s folly and mediocrity.

We realize also, under the present circumstances, that there are many wonderful people around us, who dont stay idle, who take the longer view, who seize the initiative, who dedicate themselves to higher ends and to others. We perceive Man’s immense mental and moral resources.

Just like the Bible distinguishes between those who fear God, and those who don’t, we see today the difference between those who fear for their own life, the life of their family and their neighbor’s life – and those who are just unable to fear anything.

The unability to fear – a major impairment.

© Michel Gurfinkiel, 2020

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