Michel Gurfinkiel

Michel Gurfinkiel

Michel Gurfinkiel


Israel, The Longer View

In electoral terms, Israel is emerging as the most conservative nation in the democratic world


FIRST THINGS, April 20, 2021

On the face of it, the latest Israeli general election, which took place on March 23, was just further confirmation of systemic political deadlock. For the fourth time in less than two years, the Knesset seems evenly divided between supporters and adversaries of Benjamin Netanyahu, and the prospects for a viable parliamentary coalition or a stable national unity administration look dim. As usual, many are blaming the country’s

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Fading France Could Emerge As Quite a Story

Will Macron enjoy next year the advantages he had in 2017 against Marine Le Pen ?


During his epic campaign in Egypt, Napoleon Bonaparte organized a 400 hundred-man dromedary-mounted regiment and made a point of being portrayed himself as riding the swift exotic animal. It is a sign of the times — and France’s fading fortunes — that the present president of France, Emmanuel Macron, was recently depicted on the cover of a respected right-of-centre magazine as riding un escargot, meaning, a snail.

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The unability to fear – a major impairment.


As the Covid-19 crisis intensifies and gets global, we learn more about human psychology : how easily facts are denied, how difficult it is to anticipate, how often leaders fail to lead once the administrative routine breaks down, how much indiscipline there is among large sectors of the populace (of any populace). Man’sfolly and mediocrity.

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